Treballs de màster

Reports de recerca

Reports de recerca (1999-2012)

Aquests reports de recerca inclouen el treball dels membres del Centre de Lingüística Teòrica de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
Responsable: Anna Gavarró

Research reports (1999-2012)

These research reports include the work in progress of the members of the Centre de Lingüística Teòrica of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


Acedo-Matellán, Víctor
A layered-derivation approach to conflation

Acedo-Matellán, Víctor i Cristina Real-Puigdollers
Aspectual and quantificational properties of locative verbs

Gavarró, Anna; Espinosa, Ana; Khouja, Marta; Marcet, Helena; Oliver, Olga i Verónica Redondo
Tasca de repetició per a l’avaluació de la maduresa gramatical: català

Borik, Olga i M. Teresa Espinal
On Definite Kinds
Enviat a Recherches Linguistiques de Vincennes.


Jassim, Quitaf H.
Relative Clauses in Iraqi Arabic and the Status of Resumptive Pronouns
(Treball de recerca/Master’s Research Paper)

Cantú-Sánchez, Myriam
Nominal Plural Marking of Nonce Words in Child Spanish 
(Treball de recerca/Master’s Research Paper)

Llinàs-Grau, Mireia i Javier Fernández-Sánchez
Complementizer Deletion Structures: Against a Romance–English Unified Account

Espinal, M. Teresa
On the structure of vocatives

Mateu, Jaume
Conflation and incorporation processes in resultative constructions
Per aparèixer a V. Demonte & L. McNally (eds.). Telicity, Change, and State: A Cross-Categorial View of Event Structure. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Mateu, Jaume i Víctor Acedo-Matellán
The Manner/Result Complementarity Revisited: A Syntactic Approach

Blasco Máñez, Teresa
Biological foundations of music and language: A structural perspective
(Treball de recerca/Master’s Research Paper)


Salmons Llussà, Io
Intonational patterns and comprehension in Broca’s aphasia
(Treball de recerca/Master’s Research Paper)

Pineda i Cirera, Anna
Estructures diferents, interpretacions convergents.Estudi bascoromànic de les alternances acusatiu / datiu 
(Treball de recerca/Master’s Research Paper)

Pons-Moll, Clàudia
(Des)obediències en el sistema vocàlic del català de Mallorca
Enviat a Caplletra.

Lite, Anna
Aspectes de l’adquisició de la quantificació en català (Treball de recerca/Master’s Research Paper)

El-Yousseph, Nadia
Gender Assignment to New Words in Catalan (Treball de recerca/ Master’s Research Paper)

Bonet, Eulàlia i Francesc Torres-Tamarit
Les formes d’imperatiu seguides de clític: un cas de conservadorisme lèxic

Bonet, Eulàlia, Maria-Rosa Lloret i Joan Mascaró
The prenominal allomorphy syndrome
To appear in: Bernard Tranel (ed.) Understanding Allomorphy: perspectives from Optimality Theory, Advances in Optimality Theory, Equinox, Londres.

Pons, Clàudia
Underapplication of vowel reduction to schwa in Majorcan Catalan. Some evidence for the left syllable of the stem as a prominent position and for subparadigms
(Per aparèixer/to appear. Kan, Seda; Moore-Cantwell, Claire; Staubs, Robert (ed.) Proceedings of NELS 40.)

Acedo-Matellán, V. i J. Mateu
From satellite-framed Latin to verb-framed Romance: A syntactic approach


Gavarró, A.; F. Adani, M. Ramon, S. Rusiñol i R. Sánchez
On the comprehnesion of relative clauses in child Catalan

Balari, S. i G. Lorenzo
Comunicación. Donde la lingüística evolutiva se equivocó

Mateu, J.
On the L-Syntax of Manner and Causation
Enviat a  M. Duguine, S. Huidobro & N. Madariaga (eds.). Argument structure and syntactic relations. Amsterdam / Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Batllori, M. i M.L. Hernanz
Emphatic Polarity from Latin to Romance

Ohannesian, M. i Clàudia Pons
Shattering paradigms. An attempt to formalize pressures within subparadigms
A Gilles Boyé, Nabil Hathout & Fabio Montermini (ed.) (2009), Proceedings of Décembrettes 6. International Morphology Conference «Inflectional classes in morphology. Bordeaux (France). Cascadilla Proceedings Project.

Espinal, M.T. i J. Mateu
Classes of idioms and their interpretation

Pons-Moll, Clàudia i M. W. Wheeler
L’ahir, l’avui i el demà de la fonètica i la fonologia catalanes
A Pusch, Claus i J. Kabatek (ed.) (en premsa) Visions catalanes. Frankfurt / Madrid: Vervuert.

Pons-Moll, Clàudia
When diachrony meets synchrony. How linguistic variation sheds light on the origin of synchronic phonological processes and theories of language change
(Per aparèixer/to appear. Testing theories of language change. Studies in language. Amsterdam / Philadelphia: John Benjamins)

Rigau, Gemma
‘Mirative and Focusing Uses of the Catalan Particle pla

Bosque, I. i C. Picallo
‘Determiners as Partitives’

Gavarró, A. i M. Mosella
Testing syntactic and pragmatic accounts of clitic omission
(Per aparèixer/to appearProceedings of Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition in North America. Cascadilla Press. Somerville)


Espinal, M. Teresa i L. McNally
Bare singular nominals and incorporating verbs in Spanish and Catalan

Balari, S. i G. Lorenzo
Fenotipos computacionales: Una reinterpretación de la jerarquía de Chomsky desde la perspectiva de la biología del desarrollo
(English version to appear in Biolinguistics)

Pons Moll, Clàudia
It is all downhill from here: a typological study of the role of Syllable Contact in Romance languages
(Probus. International Journal of Latin and Romance Linguistics, 23.1)

Prieto, P. i M.M. Vanrell
L’adquisició de l’entonació en Català

Prieto, P.
“The Intonational Phonology of Catalan”
(Submitted: Prosodic Typology 2, ed. by Sun-Ah Jun. Oxford University Press: Oxford)

Estebas Vilaplana, E. – Prieto, P.
“La notación prosódica en español. Una revisión del Sp_ToBI”
(Per aparèixer/to appear: Estudios de Fonética Experimental/ XVIII (2009))

Prieto, P. – Aguilar, L. – Mascaró, I. – Torres Tamarit, F.J. – Vanrell, M.M.
“L’etiquetatge prosòdic Cat_ToBI”
(Per aparèixer/to appear: Estudios de Fonética Experimental/ XVIII (2009))
Vg. també:

Xavier Villalba, Anna Bartra-Kaufmann
Predicate Focus Fronting in the Spanish Determiner Phrase (31 p.)
(In press: Lingua. Available online)


Pilar Prieto, Marta Ortega
Do contour tones induce syllable lengthening in Catalan and Spanish?
 (16 p.)
(Submitted: Interactions in Phonetics and Phonology, ed. by M. Vigário, S. Frota, and M.J. Freitas. John Benjamins: Amsterdam/Philadelphia)

Marta Ortega, Pilar Prieto
Spanish speakers perceive stress more easily in vowel [a] than in vowel [i] (17 p.)
(Submitted: Interactions in Phonetics and Phonology, ed. by M. Vigário, S. Frota, and M.J. Freitas. John Benjamins: Amsterdam/Philadelphia)

Teresa Cabré
Els sistema vocàlic del català central i l’adaptació dels manlleus (10 p.)

Teresa Cabré, Pilar Prieto
Diftongs creixents versus hiats: situació del català dins la Romània (16 p.)
(Submitted: Miscel·lània Carbonell)

Silvia Martínez-Ferreiro
Why in agrammatic aphasia: Evidence from Galician and Catalan (14 p.)
(Per aparèixer/to appear:Revista Argentina de Lingüística)

Silvia Martínez-Ferreiro
Ibero-romance agrammatism and Tree-pruning (15 p.)
(Per aparèixer/to appear:Revista Argentina de Lingüística)

Silvia Martínez-Ferreiro, Meritxell Mata-Vigara
From Minimalism to Cartography: towards a unified account (31 p.)
(Enviat/Submitted: Probus)

GGT-07-10 (Not available — vid. GGT-09-11)
Anna Gavarró, Flavia Adani, Marta Ramon, Sandra Rusiñol & Raquel Sànchez
On the comprehension of relative clauses in child Catalan

M. Mar Vanrell
Effect of utterance length on F0 scaling (4 p.)
Publicat a / published in: Proceedings of the XVIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Saarbrücken, Germany, 6-10 August 2007, Jürgen Trouvain i William J. Barry. 1165-1168. Pirrot GmbH: Dudweiler.

Carme Picallo
On Gender and Number (41 p.)

M. Teresa Espinal
Clitic incorporation and abstract semantic objects in idiomatic constructions (37 p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear in Linguistics)

Eulàlia Bonet
The Person-Case constraint and repair strategies 
(29 p.)

GGT-07-05 (Not available) 
Pilar Prieto, Gemma Rigau
Publicat a / published in: Journal of Portuguese Linguistics, 6-2 (2007), 29-59
The Syntax-Prosody Interface: Catalan interrogative sentences headed by que
 (28 p.) (fitxers de so)

Marta Ortega, Pilar Prieto, Maria del Mar Vanrell
Perceptual evidence for direct acoustic correlates of stress in Spanish (4p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear)
Proceedings of the XVIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Saarbrücken, Germany, 6-10 August 2007

Pilar Prieto, Maria del Mar Vanrell
“Early intonational development in Catalan” (6 p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear)
Proceedings of the XVIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Saarbrücken, Germany, 6-10 August 2007

Pilar Prieto, Doris Mücke, Johannes Becker, Martine Grice, M. (in press). 
“Coordination Patterns between pitch movements and oral gestures in Catalan”
 (4 p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear)
Proceedings of the XVIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Saarbrücken, Germany, 6-10 August 2007

Pilar Prieto, Maria del Mar Vanrell
Sobre alguns contrastos fonològics en l’entonació del català (35 p.) (fitxers de so)
(Per aparèixer / to appear in Caplletra )


Yolanda Cabré Sans, Anna Gavarró,
Subject Distribution and Verb Classes in Child Catalan (10 p.)

Joan Mascaró
External allomorphy and lexical representation (38 p.)

Jaume Mateu
On the l-syntax of directionality/resultativity: the case of Germanic preverbs ( 35 p.)

Jaume Mateu
Gradience and Auxiliary Selection in Old Catalan and Old Spanish (17 p.)

Xavier Villalba
Real and Spurious Articles in Germanic and Romance (24 p.)

Gemma Rigau, Manuel Pérez Saldanya
Formación de los sintagmas locativos con adverbio pospuesto (23 p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear in Actas del VII Congreso Internacional de Historia de la Lengua Española, Mérida, Yucatán)

Timothy L. Face, Pilar Prieto
Rising accents in Castilian Spanish: a revision of Sp-ToBI  (29 p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear in Journal of Portuguese Linguistics (special issue on Prosody of Iberian Languages, ed. by G. Elordieta and M. Vigário)

Pilar Prieto
El model mètric i autosegmental (12 p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear in Josefina Carrera i Clàudia Pons (eds.) Actes del XIV Col·loqui Lingüístic de la Universitat de Barcelona (CLUB-14). Novembre 13, 2006. Dept. de Filologia Catalana, Universitat de Barcelona – PPU

Susanna Padrosa Trias
The derivation of en-prefixed verbs in Spanish  (23 p.)

Silvia Martínez Ferreiro
El Sintagma Complementador en sujetos agramáticos catalano-parlantes  (9 p.)
(Publicat a/published in: Beatriz Gallardo, Carlos Hernández i Verónica Moreno (eds.) (2006): Lingüística clínica y neuropsicología cognitiva Vol 1: Investigación e intervención en patologías del lenguaje, València: Universitat, 72-86)

Núria Martí i Girbau
Dues novel·les de les que em vas recomanar: a partitive nominal? (27 p.)

M. Teresa Espinal & Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin
Tipología semántica de los nombres escuetos. El caso particular de los nombres escuetos singulares contables (23 p.)

Ángel J. Gallego
Phase Effects in Iberian Romance  (20 p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear in Cuadernos de Lingüística del Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset)

Ángel J. Gallego
T-to-C movement in relative clauses  (20 p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear in Doetjes, Jenny; González, Paz. eds. Selected Papers from Going Romance 2004. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins)

Ángel J. Gallego
Conectividad en dependencias Markovianas (27 p.)

Ángel J. Gallego
A note on lo que  (6 p.)

Jaume Solà & Anna Gavarró
“Subextraction in romance interrogatives”   (17 p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear in Doetjes, Jenny; González, Paz. eds. Selected Papers from Going Romance 2004. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins)

M. Lluïsa Hernanz & Gemma Rigau
Variación dialectal y periferia izquierda  (22 p.)

Maria del Mar Vanrell Bosch
A scaling contrast in Majorcan Catalan interrogatives   (4 p.)
In Rüdiger Hoffmann and Hansjörg Mixdorff (Eds.). Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2006. TUDpress Verlag der Wissenschaften GmbH: Dresden.

Lluïsa Astruc & Pilar Prieto
“Acoustic Cues of Stress and Accent in Catalan”  (4 p.)
In Rüdiger Hoffmann and Hansjörg Mixdorff (Eds.). Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2006, pp. 341-344. TUDpress Verlag der Wissenschaften GmbH: Dresden.

Pilar Prieto, Mariapaola D’Imperio, Gorka Elordieta, Sónia Frota, & Marina Vigário
“Evidence for soft preplanning in tonal production: Initial scaling in Romance”  (4 p.)
In Rüdiger Hoffmann and Hansjörg Mixdorff (Eds.). Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2006, pp. 803-806. TUDpress Verlag der Wissenschaften GmbH: Dresden.

GGT-06-2 (Not available)
Pilar Prieto & Francisco Torreira
Publicat a / published in: Journal of Phonetics 35.4: 473-500.
“The segmental anchoring hypothesis revisited. Syllable structure and speech rate effects on peak timing in Spanish”  (36 p.)

Bartra, Anna. – Villalba, Xavier
“Non agreeing quantified nominal embedded clauses in spanish” (19p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear in Doetjes, Jenny; González, Paz. eds. Selected Papers from Going Romance 2004. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins).


Frota, S. – D’imperio, M. – Elordieta, G. – Prieto, P. – Vigario, M.
“The phonetics and phonology of intonational phrasing in Romance” (23p.)
En premsa/in press: Segmental and Prosodic Issues in Romance Phonology, ed. by P. Prieto, J. Mascaró, and M.-J. Solé. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Estebas – Vilaplana, E. – Prieto, P.
Production and perception of word-edge tones in Catalan and Spanish” (10p.)
Publicat a / published in Proceedings of the III Congreso de Fonética Experimental, Santiago de Compostela, October 24-26, 2005.

Ortega-Llebaria, Marta- Prieto, Pilar
“Disentangling stress from accent in Spanish: Production patterns of the stress contrast in deaccented syllables” (23p.)
En premsa/in press: Segmental and Prosodic Issues in Romance Phonology, ed. by P. Prieto, J. Mascaró, and M.-J. Solé. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

GGT-05-10 (Not available)
Pilar Prieto
Publicat a / published in: Italian Journal of Linguistics/Rivista di Linguistica 18.1 (special issue on Autosegmental-metrical approaches to intonation in Europe: tonal targets and anchors, ed. by M. D’Imperio), pp. 39-71.
Word Edge Tones in Catalan  (28p.)

Anna Gavarró, Meritxell Mata i Eulàlia Ribera
L’omissió dels clítics d’objecte i partitius en el català infantil: dades espontànies  (21p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear in Claus D. Pusch (ed.): La gramàtica pronominal del català – variació, evolució, funció / The grammar of Catalan pronouns – variation, evolution, function (BCG; 5), Aachen : Shaker, 2006)

Gemma Rigau, Pilar Prieto
A typological approach to Catalan interrogative sentences headed by que  (27p.) (Sound Files/Fitxers de so)

Anna Gavarró, Ana-Teresa Pérez-Leroux & Tom Roeper
Definite and bare noun contrasts in child Catalan  (15 p.)
(Per aparèixer / to appear in Torrens, V. & L. Escobar (eds.) The Romance Turn. John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia)

Pilar Prieto
The Relevance of Metrical Information in Early Prosodic Word Acquisition: A Comparison of Catalan and Spanish(30 p.)
Publicat a / published in: Language and Speech. Special issue on the Acquisition of the Prosodic Word, ed. by Katherine Demuth, 49 (2): 231-259.

Teresa Cabré, Pilar Prieto
Exceptional hiatuses in Spanish (34 p.)
Publicat a / published in: Optimality-Theoretic Advances in Spanish Phonology, ed. by Sonia Colina and Fernando Martínez-Gil. pp. 205-237. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Pilar Prieto, Marta Bosch-Baliarda
The development of codas in Catalan (36 p.)
Publicat a / published in: Catalan Journal of Linguistics 5, special issue on L1 Acquisition of Romance, ed. by Anna Gavarró and Conxita Lleó, 237-272.

Sergio Balari
Reflexiones biolingüísticas. Cómo puede ayudar la biología a comprender mejor las facultades lingüísticas humanas  (11 p.)
En premsa: Teorema

Lourdes Aguilar, Ana-Belén Avilés, Jordi Fontseca, Carme de la Mota, Yolanda Rodríguez, Paola Caymes, Sergio Balari
Un módulo de desambiguación morfosintáctica para el castellano basado en conocimiento lingüístico (21 p.)
Publicat a / published in Revista Española de Lingüística Aplicada 17-18:7-17, 2004-2005

Pilar Prieto Vives
En torno a la asociación tonal en el modelo métrico-autosegmental. Puntos controvertidos en su aplicación al catalán (20 p.)( Pub.Version)
Publicat a / published in Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamericana 6, vol. 3(Special issue on Prosodic Aspects, ed. by Johannes Kababek), pp. 9-28, 2005


Pilar Prieto, Mariapaola D’Imperio, and Barbara Gili Fivela
Pitch accent alignment in Romance: primary and secondary associations with metrical structure (39 p.)
Publicat a / published in: Language and Speech, Special Issue on Variation in Intonation, ed. Paul Warren), 48(4): 359-396.

Pilar Prieto Vives
Phonological phrasing in Spanish (23 p.)
Publicat a / published in (2007: Optimality-Theoretic Advances in Spanish Phonology, ed. by Sonia Colina and Fernando Martínez-Gil, pp 39-60. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Olga Fernández-Soriano and Gemma Rigau
Temporal Non-Impersonal Constructions. Spanish Light. Verbs Llevar and Tener (21 p.)

Anna Gavarró and Jaume Solà
Wh-subextraction in child Catalan (14 p.)

Jaume Mateu and M.Teresa Espinal
Argument structure and compositionality in idiomatic constructions (22 p.)

Núria Martí Girbau
Partitives: one or two nouns? (15 p.)
(Publicat a/published in: Rivista di Grammatica Generativa, anno 2002, n. 27, Uni Press. Proceedings of XXIX Incontro di Grammatica Generativa, 13-15 February 2003, Urbino (Italy))

Pilar Prieto Vives
The Search for Phonological Targets in the Tonal Space: H1 scaling and alignment in five sentence-types in Peninsular Spanish (31 p.)
(Publicat a/published in: Laboratory Approaches to Spanish Phonology, ed. Timothy Face, Mouton de Gruyter, The Hague, pp. 29-59, 2004)

Anna Gavarró and Silvia Martínez-Ferreiro
Tense and agreement impairment in Ibero-Romance (25 p.)
(Publicat a/published in: Journal of Psycholinguistic research 36 (1): 25-46, 2007)

Gemma Rigau
El quantificador focal pla : Un estudi de sintaxi dialectal (25 p.) (fitxers de so)
Publicat a / published in Caplletra. Revista Internacional de Filologia, 38

Xavier Villalba
Exclamatives and negation (19 p.)

Mariapaola D’Imperio, Gorka Elordieta, Sónia Frota, Pilar Prieto and Marina Vigário
Intonational phrasing in Romance: The role of syntactic and prosodic structure (28 p.) ( Published Version)
Publicat a / published in Prosodies, ed. Sónia Frota, Marina Vigário, Maria Joao Freitas, Mouton de Gruyter, The Hague, pp. 59-98, 2004


Anna Gavarró
Move and Agree in Agrammatic Comprehension  (14 p.)

Teresa Cabre and Pilar Prieto
Positional and metrical prominence effects on vowel sandhi in Catalan  (23 p.) ( Published Version)
Publicat a / published in Prosodies, ed.Sónia Frota, Marina Vigário, Maria Joao Freitas, Mouton de Gruyter, The Hague, pp.123-158, 2004

Ken Wexler, Anna Gavarró, Vicenç Torrens
Feature checking and object clitic omission in child Catalan and Spanish  (16 p.)
Publicat a / published in Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2002, ed. R.Bok-Bennema, B. Hollebrandse, B. Kampers Manhe, P. Sleeman, John Benjamins, Amsterdam, 2004

Teresa Cabré, Pilar Prieto
Vowel contact resolutions across word boundaries in Catalan  (4 p.)
Publicat a  / Published in Proceedings of the XVth International Congress of Phonetic Sciencies, ed. Maria Josep Solé, Daniel Recasens, Joaquim Romero, Causal Productions Pty Ltd, Barcelona, pp. 1687-1690, 2003

Pilar Prieto
Syntactic and euthythmic constraints on phrasing decisions in Catalan (29 p.)
Publicat a / published in Studia Linguistica 59(2-3), special issue on “Boundaries in Intonational Phonology”, ed. by M. Horne & M.V. Oostendorp, pp. 194-222, 2005

GGT-03-2 (Not available) 
Pilar Prieto
Publicat a / published in: Journal of Phonetics 33(2), 215-242, 2005
Stability effects in tonal clash contexts in Catalan
 (37 p.)

José M. Brucart
El valor del imperfecto de indicativo en español (20 p.)


Silvia Jiménez Peña, Yolanda Rodríguez Sellés
¿Agentes causantes? (9 p.)

Anna Gavarró
Modals and aspectuals as functional projections: implications for acquisition and agrammatism (13 p.)

Publicat a / Published in Verbalperiphrasen in den (ibero-)romanischen Sprachen, ed. C.Pusch / A.Wesch, Buske Verlag, Hamburg.

Xavier Villalba
Descripció i norma o per què no n’hi ha prou amb prescriure abans no n’hi ha hagut prou de descriure (18 p.)

Teresa Espinal
Lexicalization of light verb structures and the semantics of NPs ( 46 p.)

Teresa Cabré, Pilar Prieto
Prosodic and analogical effects in lexical glide formation in Catalan ( 40 p.)

Publicat a / published in Probus 16:113-150, 2004

Pilar Prieto
Efectos de coarticulación tonal en choques acentuales ( 21 p.)

Publicat a / Published in La tonía : Dimensiones fonéticas y fonológicas, ed. Pedro Martín Butragueño, Esther Herrera, El Colegio de México, México, pp. 187-218. México : El Colegio de México, 2003

Xavier Villalba
An Exceptional Exclamative Sentence Type in Romance ( 29 p.)

José María Brucart
Adición, sustracción y comparación: un análisis composicional de las construcciones aditivo-sustractivas del español(53 p.)

Anna Gavarró, Linda Escobar
A pilot study of quantification in child Catalan (10 p.)

Anna Bartra, Josep M. Brucart, Gemma Rigau
“Per què lo prec, si·l plats, que·m perdó mos pecats”. Vigència de l’alternança acusativa en català (19 p.)

Publicat a / Published in Estudi General, 22 , 213-232

Sergio Balari
Yet another scenario for the origins of language (9 p. També disponible en / also available in Postscript )


Jaume Mateu
Small Clause Results Revisited (26 p.)
Publicat a / Published in N. Zhang (ed.). ZAS Papers in Linguistics, vol. 26. Proceedings of the Workshop on the Syntax of Predication

Anna Gavarró
Economy and word order patterns in bilingual English-Dutch acquisition (17 p.)
Publicat a / Published in Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 6 (1), 2003

Jaume Mateu, Laia Amadas
Syntactic Tools for Semantic Construal (31 p.)

Eulàlia Bonet, Maria-Rosa Lloret
More on alignment as an alternative to domains: the syllabification of Catalan clitics (44 p.)

Jaume Solà
Clitic Climbing and Null Subject Languages (22 p.)

Publicat a / Published in Catalan Journal of Linguistics 1, pp 225-255

Eulàlia Bonet, Maria-Rosa Lloret
OCP Effects in Catalan Cliticization (22 p.)

Teresa Cabré, Pilar Prieto
Prosodic and analogical effects in lexical glide formation in Catalan (no disponible / not avalaible)

Teresa Cabré, Pilar Prieto
Hiatus and rising diphthong-favoring contexts in Catalan (no disponible / not avalaible)

Jaume Mateu
On the Relational Semantics of Transitive Denominal Verbs (24 p.)
Publicat a / Published in: M. Leonetti et al. (eds). Current Issues in Generative Grammar. 143-164. Alcalá de Henares: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alcalá

Jaume Mateu
Lexicalization patterns and the locative alternation (29 p.)

Pilar Prieto
Tune-text association patterns in Catalan: an argument for a hierarchical structure of tunes (24 p.)
Publicat a / Published in Probus 14, special issue on Romance Intonation, ed. by J.I. Hualde, pp. 173-204

Jaume Mateu, Gemma Rigau
A Syntactic Approach to Illusive Event Type-Shiftings (21 p.)

Jaume Mateu Fontanals
Paths and telicity in idiomatic constructions: a lexical-syntactic approach to the way construction (26 p.)
GGT-01-2 Jaume Mateu Fontanals
Una part d’aquest treball ha estat publicada en l’article: Mateu, J. (2005). “Arguing our way to the Direct Object Restriction on English
resultatives”. The Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 8 (1-2): 57-84.

Raquel Fernández Rovira
A Syllabic Parser in Prolog (13 p.)


Gemma Rigau
Number agreement variation in Catalan dialects (31 p.)
Publicat a / Published in G. Cinque y R.S. Kayne (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Comparative Syntax, Oxford University Press, Oxford, New York, 775-805

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