Mateu, Jaume & Renato Oniga (eds.)


Generative Approaches to Latin Syntax

Editorial: Bellaterra: Servei de Publicacions de la UAB
Col·lecció: Catalan Journal of Linguistics #16
Data de publicació: 2017
Pàgines: 216

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Fifty years have passed since the first attempt to apply generative grammar methods to Latin syntax. The well-known book by Robin Tolmach Lakoff, published in 1968 by the MIT Press with the title of Abstract Syntax and Latin Complementation, was presented as a dissertation in linguistics at Harvard University in 1967, with the title of Studies in the Transformational Grammar of Latin. The Complement System. In order to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, we thought it was appropriate to publish a collection of papers written by some distinguished specialists who approach the study of Latin syntax from a generative perspective. Their works show the important research that is being currently carried out in this active field. In this introduction, we would like to briefly trace the development of this research area, trying to emphasize elements of continuity, changes, results, and problems. Although generative grammar has provided very important contributions to phonology and morphology as well, it is nonetheless clear that, from the very beginning, its theoretical focus has been on syntax.

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