Martines, Josep, Susana Rodríguez & Jordi M. Antolí (eds.)


Context and Linguistic Change

Editorial: Bellaterra: Servei de Publicacions de la UAB
Col·lecció: Catalan Journal of Linguistics #2020 Special
Data de publicació: 2020
Pàgines: 204

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The papers integrating this special issue aim at shedding light on the many research possibilities suggested by usage-based linguistics. All the contributions have different goals, focus on different languages (Catalan, English, Spanish or Portuguese), use several chronological frameworks (there are diachronic and synchronic analysis) and approach a variety of linguistic elements. However, despite this seeming heterogeneity, all the papers share a similar methodology and a conception of linguistic communication – and, specifically, of linguistic change – strongly based on usage.

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