Peter Herbeck, Paolo Izzo & Anna Kocher


Catalan Morphosyntax at the Interfaces - Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives

Editorial: Bellaterra: Servei de Publicacions de la UAB
Col·lecció: Catalan Journal of Linguistics #2022
Data de publicació: 2022

Text complet

The aim of the special issue Catalan Morphosyntax at the Interfaces is to gather recent investigations and offer new insights into Catalan core grammar and its inter-faces. This volume presents an extensive picture of the current research focused on Catalan grammar both from a synchronic and a diachronic perspective. The studies attain new theoretical findings relying on a strong empirical background. The contributions deal with interface phenomena in the verbal and (pro-) nominal domain. The main topics addressed are the following:
— the morphosyntax of clitics in Catalan and its varieties
— the nature and structure of different (pro-)nominal forms
— morphosyntax and the verbal domain (tense, aspect, word formation)
— Catalan morphosyntax and the interface to semantics, pragmatics, and phonol-ogy

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