Teresa Cabré, Francesc Torres-Tamarit i Maria del Mar Vanrell


Hypocoristic truncation in Sardinian, Linguistics vol. 59(3)

Editorial: De Gruyter
Data de publicació: 30 abril 2021

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This article focuses on hypocoristic truncation in Sardinian. Besides disyllabic truncation, hypocoristic truncation in Sardinian also yields trisyllabic truncated forms by means of a process of reduplicative prefixation (e.g., Totore ← Servatore) and, more interestingly, a process of copy of what is analyzed as an internally layered ternary foot (e.g., (Va(tore)) ← Servatore). In this paper we develop an OT analysis of hypocoristic truncation based on output-output correspondence relations between bases and truncated morphemes that gives further support to internally layered ternary feet in the domain of the phonology–morphology interface.