Xavier Villalba


The Syntax and Semantics of Dislocations in Catalan

Editorial: Lambert Academic Publishing
Data de publicació: 2010
Pàgines: 260
ISBN13: 978-3-8383-1178-4

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This book is the most important attempt to integrate Clitic Right Dislocation into the highly restrictive syntax following from Richard Kayne''s influential Linear Correspondence Axiom. Besides offering a fully-fledged analysis of Clitic Right Dislocation and Clitic Left Dislocation within the strict standards of Kayne''s proposal, the book offers a detailed description of all kinds of left- and right-detachments in Catalan, which includes a thorough discussion of a variegated kind of data, which have only been partially described in the literature. Hence, this book will stand as a major reference for any future research on Romance dislocation constructions.