Nicola Lampitelli, Paolo Roseano, Francesc Torres-Tamarit


Vowel length in Friulian verbs: a case of mora affixation

Editorial: Morphology, 32(1):1-28 (Springer)
Data de publicació: Febrer del 2022

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This paper deals with vowel length in Friulian, and shows that this is sometimes phonologically predictable and sometimes an instance of mora affixation in conjugation 1 verbs. Building on newly collected data on verbal morphology, we make the hypothesis that the Theme morpheme in conjugation 1 verbs in the dialect of Negrons has distinct allomorphs, among which a mora. This analysis of morphological length in Negrons Friulian shows that there is no need for a morphome-based analysis of the data. In our analysis, each morph, including length, spells out a morphosyntactic property.