Sergio Balari and Guillermo Lorenzo


Computational Phenotypes: Towards an Evolutionary Developmental Biolinguistics

Editorial: Oxford University Press
Data de publicació: 2012
Pàgines: 256
ISBN13: 9780199665464

Més informació

This is a book about language as a species-typical trait of humans. Linguists customarily describe it as an extremely exceptional capacity, even when compared with the biological endowment of closely related species, and this is the source of the many quarrels that exist around the aim of explaining its evolutionary origins.
This book argues that language is not so exceptional after all, as according to the text it is just the human version of a rather common and conservative organic system that they refer to as the Central Computational Complex. The book argues that inter-specific variation of this organ is restricted to (i) accessible memory resources, and (ii) patterns of external connectivity, both being the result of perturbations in the system underlying its development. The book thus offers a fresh perspective on language as a naturally evolved phenomenon.