Olga Borik, Joan Borràs-Comes & Dària Serés


Preverbal (in)definites in Russian: An experimental study, chapter 3 in K. Balogh, A. Latrouite & R. D. Van Valin, Jr (eds.) Nominal anchoring

Editorial: Language Science Press
Data de publicació: 2020

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This paper presents an experimental investigation aimed at determining the exact nature of the relationship between type of interpretation (definite or indefinite) and linear position (pre- or postverbal) of bare nominal subjects of intransitive predi- cates in Russian. The results of our experiment confirm that preverbal position correlates with a definite interpretation, and postverbal position with an indefinite interpretation. However, we also discovered that the acceptance rate of preverbal indefinites is reasonably high. We suggest an explanation for the appearance of indefinites in preverbal subject position in terms of lexical accessibility, which is couched in general terms of D-linking.