Andreas Trotzke


Biolinguistics Special Issue on Recursion. Biolinguistics 5, 1–169.

Data de publicació: 27 de juny de 2011
ISBN13: ISSN 1450–3417

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This special issue takes up three major concerns that have been raised by the recursion-only hypothesis by Hauser et al. (2002). The first concern is how to test for recursion in experimental psychology: Since we cannot test humans on infinite sets of sentences and furthermore self-embedding in the sense of (1) is difficult for humans to process, how can recursion best be tested for? The second major concern is the role of recursion in linguistic theory: Is recursion an integral part of any syntactic structure building or is recursion better viewed as something on top of more basic structure building? Finally, the third major concern this issue addresses is the relation of recursion to the genetic and neural basis of language. Can recursion be separated from other parts of language in the genetic and neural domain?